Hotrain, the breeding center for Rottweilers, was registered at the International Cynological Federation in 2000. Its founder and owner is Larisa Mikhailovna Kleinbok, a professional expert in breeding selection and an FCI certified expert. She talks about the idea of creating her kennel: “I've loved dogs since childhood. For the first time in my life the Rottweilers appeared in 1989. Back then I saw them in Hungary, and I observed that their exterior was very different from the exteriors of dogs bred in Russia. I brought back a bitch and a male dog who were very attractive and strong. Since then, breeding Rottweilers has become my vocation.”

Rottweiler is a highly active and powerful dog with a stamina;, besides, it is very impressive, so everybody would love it. The owner has to be extremely patient to make his pet obedient, but daily training will be rewarded, since the breed has a high ability to learn. Rottweilers are good friends with children, and they are very attentive animals.

Despite the fact that the breeding center was officially opened in 2000, its history began much earlier. In 1989, Larisa Mikhailovna brought to Ekaterinburg a stud male Senteshi Phantom Mister and a female dog YaksiDaksi (fathered by Harrass). In 1997, Ms. Kleinbok bought the great-granddaughter of Harrass — Domino Maxim. Around the same time, she bought the son and the daughter of the famous Rick V. Burgthann named Athos and Anka Farbenhaus. That was the beginning of the future breeding center Hotrain.

Why buy from us

At present, we sell 20-40 elite animals a year. Our own dogs (we have 19 of them) take part in prestigious exhibitions in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries, and they always come back home with medals. In addition to breeding Rottweiler puppies, our center provides assistance to their owners, which is as follows:

  • bringing up puppies until they grow up;
  • bringing up adult animals;
  • general course of training;
  • BH — animals’ social adaptation and obtaining skills of behavior in the urban environment;
  • exhibition training;
  • provision of veterinary assistance and specialist advice;
  • assistance in breeding and exhibition growth.

Our awards

Winning high awards and titles are rather a habit for our pets, than a random fact. Our dogs constantly participate in dog shows of different significance. They win competitions in various nominations of training. Here is just a short list of titles won by Hotrain dogs:

  • Champion of Russia
  • Junior Champion of Russia
  • Champion of Kazakhstan
  • Champion of Ukraine
  • Champion of Armenia
  • Champion of the RСF (the Russian Cynological Federation).
  • NBC Champion (the National Breed Club).
  • Interchampion.

Rottweilers and children
Merry Christmas and Hapyy New Year!

Our kennel wish You a Merry Christmas and a Hapyy New Year!

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